Multi Level Marketing Software

TechBase E-Coin trading system is a decentralized key/value registration and transfer system based on cryptocurrency (e.g. Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin). It’s a trading and mining platform of cryptocurrency for registered members.

A Binary Plan is like a 2x Infinity Forced Matrix with a twist. In a Binary you would have 2 Legs. You would typically earn a commission on the Entire Volume of your weakest leg.

Many binary's have systems in place that may allow you to earn Commissions at a later (via a Carryforward) on your strongest leg.

This is a simple, straightforward compensation plan. It allows for a distributor to have a first level of unlimited width. The levels the company pays commission on generally range from 3 to 9 levels deep. The more volume generated by you and your organization, the more you can earn.

A disadvantage to this plan is that building wide means the distributor may give less help to his personal enrolless.

Unilevel Plan is fast way for the sponsor to make income. It means whenever a new joining in group or network, according to plan person get benefits. This plan is important because generating an income is takes time, when MLM Companies consider about instant income to their personals.

Unilevel Plan is widely uses by several MLM Companies, because it can get output instantly, according to network work.

Variety of board split logic as per client chosen logic to meet their 100% customization or choice along with most advance features.

1. Cross Matrix2. Re-cycle Entry
3. Unlimited Income4. Automatic Move To Next Level

Breakaways Plan is used with Matrix Plan. When a team member reaches certain qualification they break away from your team and you no longer receive the matrix pay out on that team member or anyone in that part of the matrix.

You do however receive a lump sum monthly commission of the entire volume of the breakaway unit.

Tri-Binary or Australian Binary Plan looks very similar. Only difference between during the payout for pair matching required in Tri-Binary, whereas no matching required in Australian Binary.

Forced Matrix is similar to a Unilevel matrix, but it limits the amount of people each person can have in their first level. For example, a 2 X 12 group means two people on your first level, and paying 12 levels deep.

Other examples would be a 4 X 5, 3 X 9, etc. This is generally pretty simple and easy to understand and explain. The low volume requirements usually common to matrix plans helps make it a good plan for part-time distributors.

This is the most common of all the compensation plans. It is where most of the really big money is made in MLM. This big money, however, is made by a very small percentage of people. Breakaway plans are geared for full-time effort. 

Attrition is the highest with breakaway plans and it generally will cost more to build your business. This is a work program. It takes persistence, salesmanship, and requires the ability for you to train your recruits. Companies which use breakaway plans tend to pay higher commissions. However, the plan may be extremely difficult for most people to duplicate.